What is Connected Faith?
Connected Faith is a new Bible study app from the United Methodist Publishing House offering daily readings for individuals and weekly lessons for small groups. With new units releasing quarterly, Connected Faith is an ongoing Bible study in digital form.
How do I sign up for Connected Faith?
Visit www.cokesbury.com/connectedfaith. After purchasing a subscription, download the Connected Faith app and enter your access code to begin a unit.
Where do I download the app?
It is free to download from your device's app store.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Please call 1-800-672-1789 and a customer care representative will assist you in canceling your subscription.
I’m out of access codes and need to update.
Please call 1-800-672-1789 and a customer care representative will assist you.
Do you offer congregational discounts?
Yes! You can view pricing for Connected Faith here or by visiting the Pricing page in the menu. Our congregational offering is in beta and is 50% off.
Can I use Connected Faith even if I don't have a small group?
Yes! Connected Faith was created for both small groups and individuals. As an individual user, you will have access to all videos, daily readings, and ongoing study content. Some individual users skip the weekly gathering portion of the study, as it was intended for small group.
I subscribed for my church. Do I have to be the facilitator of the group?
No! The subscription administrator and the group facilitator do not have to be the same person. The subscription administrator purchases and manages the subscription, providing access to everyone who needs it using the code. In the app, the person who wants to facilitate the group can create a new group and invite people to join using the search function (for public groups) or the QR code (for private groups). Groups are not formed in association with the subscription, so one subscription can support multiple groups, or individual subscribers can come together to form a group.